Updates; Live Video of the Cold War Kids from Tulip Fest

23 Jun

*Apologies and Updates:Apologies to everyone for not posting in such a long time! I’ve recently had a terrible bout of migraines, which I had to go to the hospital for twice in the last month. For anyone that’s ever suffered through a migraine, you know they can be nasty stuff. Anyway, I’m now putting myself on a blogging schedule- look for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday! I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read what I have to write, and would love to hear any comments, suggestions or feedback you’re willing to offer. Thanks!!

And now, for the extremely long overdue purpose of this post: Tulip Fest! The Cold War Kids! I have to say I was really excited to hear that they were going to be at the Tulip Fest (held on May 8th) because they’re one of my favorite bands, and they were appearing locally, for free! Score.

It turned out to be a beautiful, crowded, sunny afternoon as my friend Craiggers and I perused the food stands and waited for the band to start. There’s nothing so wonderful summery as your first taste of fair/festival street food, like fresh squeezed lemonade or fried dough. The food is always pretty pricey, but it’s worth it to sit on the grass in the sun munching on a burger, thinking to yourself, “Ahhhh, now this is summer.”

As I expected, Cold War Kids were great, but I’m completely biased. The set consisted of about an hour’s worth of  the passionate, emphatic piano-driven indie rock that the Cold War Kids are known for. A smattering of their popular hits (Hang Me Out to Dry, We Used to Vacation, and their newest single, Louder Than Ever) that were enthusiastically received and sung along to, along with some lesser known tunes, and a few new songs they were testing out. After loudly singly along with the crowd, I ended the afternoon happy but hoarse.

With only a few songs left to go, the gorgeous early summer day turned rainy, and then into a downpour. (I was so proud of myself for actually remembering to bring an umbrella, which instantly broke as soon as I tried to open it. Figures.)

After the concert was over, Craiggers and I walked down to Jillian’s where alternative radio station 102.7 EQX was hosting a Tulip Fest after party with several smaller bands. If you’ve never listen to EQX, they’re in my opinion one of the best independent alternative radio stations around, and Albany is lucky to have such a great musical resource. Give them a listen. We only stayed for the first band, A Silent Film, but I was really pleasantly surprised. Most opening bands are mediocre, and my expectations weren’t very high. But even with a crowd of about a dozen and the distraction of bar patrons watching the Kentucky Derby, A Silent Film was outstanding. Their songs were tight and catchy, and the lead singer was charismatic enough to fill an auditorium, not just a near empty afternoon bar scene.

Thanks to my friend Craiggers for his excellent recording skills and the fact that he’s about a foot taller than me so he could see over the crowd to get a good shot of the band. Here’s The Cold War Kids, live at Tulip Fest, May 8th, 2011, performing “Hang Me Out to Dry”:


4 Responses to “Updates; Live Video of the Cold War Kids from Tulip Fest”

  1. Augie Doggy June 23, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Nothing like a good concert to fend off the migraines. This blog is the first thing I ever “liked”. I wonder what that does.

  2. mikisew June 24, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    Liking this blog proves – without a doubt – that you have excellent taste. *goes off to find more listening opportunities* Excellent! Glad you are back 🙂

  3. Chanted June 24, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    I’d never heard of the band, but gave them a listen. Very nice. I’m glad you had fun. I’d say it was a bit overdue. I hope you can keep the migraines in check for awhile. *hugs*

  4. Augie Doggy June 29, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    On an unrelated subject, do you know how to make strawberry rhubarb pie?

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